OxMosaic Open Access

OxMosaic Open Access is an initiative from Oxford Mosaic Publications to provide unrestricted internet access to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. This project came into being in response to a growing demand to make research free and available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. Open access articles will be freely and universally accessible via internet in agreed formats – PDF and HTML being the current preference.

OxMosaic Open Access aims to maximise visibility, usage and impact of researchers’ own findings, as well as accelerate and expand research cycle.

Oxford Mosaic Publications has a strict policy of not charging for refereeing or publishing of Open Access journals. This policy also increases the return on the investment of the funders of the research, such as government institutions, charitable foundations, and tax-payers. Universities will also co-benefit from their researchers’ increased impact.

We hope to be a catalyst for further development of Open Access policies in funding agencies and higher education institutions.

If you have any further queries regarding OxMosaic Open Access please contact us