[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][ut_service_icon_box color=”#152840″ hovercolor=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-book” headline=”About OMP” width=”third” effect=”fadeInUp”] Oxford Mosaic Publications is a scientific, medical, and technical scholarly publishing business based in Oxford City. OMP is committed to the publication of scholarly information of the highest quality and to serve the learning process of higher education and professional markets. OMP publishes text books and academic journals, and other electronic media [/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box color=”#152840″ hovercolor=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-trophy” headline=”Publishing Philosophy” width=”third” effect=”fadeInUp”] OMP’s publishing philosophy makes it different and distinguished among scholarly publishers by focusing on multi and transdisciplinarity. Oxford Mosaic Publications strongly encourages international representation of contributors to our journals and books.[/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box color=”#152840″ hovercolor=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-pencil” headline=”Diversity & Scholarship” width=”third” last=”true” effect=”fadeInUp”] OMP promotes diversity in scholarly communication by actively encouraging academic excellence from wherever it originates.  We appreciate multidisciplinary research reflecting the diversity of the social science, medical, technical and humanities professions.  [/ut_service_icon_box]